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The Evolution of Security Cameras

With the advent of smart phones, high speed internet connectivity and push notifications, the way in which we use CCTV is changing. Gone are the days when you would search through weeks of footage to find a grainy image of someone damaging a car. With modern CCTV, the event footage is sent directly to your mobile device via a push notification, which gives you an opportunity to take action as the incident is occurring. We are now in a time where we can remotely monitor what’s important to us, and act as it’s happening. If you miss the notification, you can still easily find this in ‘Events’, and, you’ll still have access to weeks of recorded footage on your digital recording device!

What brand of cameras do we fit?

At the moment, we supply and fit HIKVision equipment. Their range and quality far surpass anything we’ve trialed before and with the ability to meet practically any customer requirements; from residential, to large warehouses or agricultural buildings.

Image Quality?

From a basic visual deterrent to a high-spec vehicle number plate recognition camera, image quality should be the first consideration when choosing the camera right for you.

All of the cameras we install feature infrared night vision, and some even boast full colour night vision in 4K image. Coloured night vision is best achieved with the optimum ambient lighting, for this reason, it is best that we come out to quote to be sure that we can achieve maximum image quality.

For the majority of domestic customers we find that the HIKVision 5MP camera meet the requirements of most. They’re a quality turret camera with a tough AN50 metal casing, 20 meter Infrared night vision and a clean design; they certainly pack a punch, even in low lighting.

For those looking for a deeper density image, the 4K 8MP turret camera is a great option. Covering a large area has never been easier with a 2.8mm lens and the same tough AN50 metal casing as the 5MP; the image quality is unbeatable.

Our commercial customers often favour a wide angle lens camera with superior night vision, and some choose to spec a ‘Smart-Tracking PTZ’ (Pan, Tilt Zoom Camera). A PTZ not only boasts superior image quality, you can also remotely control it from your mobile phone! Imagine being in a different country, or just away from home, receiving an alert mobile notification and being able to fully control your camera to investigate?

Smart-Tracking is a relatively new feature for PTZ cameras, it uses motion detection software to allow the PTZ camera to autonomously track people and cars without the need to manually control the camera.

What cameras do I need?

There are so many options for camera packages these days, and they boast a huge variation in what they can offer. If you’ve ever searched eBay or Amazon, you would be overwhelmed with choice. This is where we come in, to make sense of the endless options and help you understand what is realistic to achieve. We will show you how these systems operate, break down the specifications and bring it back to basics so that you can make an informed decision.

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