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Intruder Alarms

The Importance of an Intruder Alarm System

An intruder alarm system is designed to detect unauthorised entry into a building or area. It typically consists of a control panel, detectors (impact or movement), and a siren. When the sensors detect movement or a breach of a protected area, they send a signal to the control panel, which activates the alarm.

There are many types of intruder alarm systems available, including wired and wireless systems, motion detectors, impact detectors, door and window sensors, and panic buttons. Some systems can also be integrated with other security systems, such as CCTV cameras and access control systems.

When choosing an intruder alarm system for your property, it’s important to consider your specific security needs and the level of protection required. You should also consider factors such as the size and layout of your property, the type of building, and the level of traffic in the area. When we attend your property, we always carry out thorough risk assessments to help us determine the grade of system you require.

It’s also important to choose a reputable and experienced security provider who can install and maintain your intruder alarm system to ensure it operates reliably and effectively. Law Secure is Accredited with SSAIB, who audit us annually to ensure that we are compliant with the British Standards for Intruder Alarm Installation. This also means that we are able to provide police monitoring and response.

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Repairs and Maintenance of an Existing System

Alarm repairs are an important aspect of maintaining the effectiveness of your intruder alarm system. Over time, components can become worn or damaged, which can cause false alarms or prevent the system from detecting intruders. It’s important to have your alarm system regularly checked and serviced by a qualified engineer to ensure it is functioning properly.

Common problems with intruder alarms that may require repair include faulty sensors, malfunctioning control panels, damaged wiring, or issues with batteries or power supplies. These issues can cause false alarms, alarm failure, or an inability to arm or disarm the system. During your service, we will check all of these components to avoid failure of the system.

If you suspect that your intruder alarm system is not functioning correctly, it’s important to contact a qualified alarm engineer as soon as possible. They can diagnose the issue and make any necessary repairs to ensure your system is functioning optimally.

It’s important to choose an experienced and reputable security company who can work with your specific alarm system and provide a reliable and cost-effective repair service. Regular maintenance and prompt repairs can ensure that your intruder alarm system provides the necessary protection for your property and assets.

Police Monitoring & Reponse

Law Secure are connected with UK Police Forces to provide their clients with police response for an alarm activation. Whether this requirement is an insurance specification or for peace of mind, we can guide you to the most appropriate solution for your home or business.

We are experienced in simplifying insurance policies with intruder detection criteria and we are always happy to look these over with you.

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Why choose an SSAIB Accredited Security Company

The Security Systems and Alarms Inspection Board (SSAIB) is a UK-based certification body that provides certification services to companies in the electronic security, fire protection, and guarding services industries. The SSAIB was established in 1994 and is accredited by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS), which is the national accreditation body for the UK.

Companies that achieve SSAIB certification have demonstrated that they meet the relevant industry standards and regulations for the services they provide. SSAIB certification covers a range of services, including intruder alarms, access control, CCTV systems, fire detection and alarm systems, and manned guarding services.

The SSAIB conducts regular inspections of certified companies to ensure that they continue to meet the required standards. In addition to certification, the SSAIB also provides training and support to its members to help them stay up-to-date with the latest industry developments and best practices.

Homeowners and business owners who are considering installing an alarm system or other security measures may wish to look for a company that is SSAIB accredited to ensure that they are provided with an appropriate security solution with absolute clarity and peace of mind.

See here for a list of systems we work with

  • ADE alarm panels – Optima XM / XL / Accenta / Accenta 6 / G3 / Logic 6 /
  • Karizma ID / Optima 2 Plus / Ultimate / Gemini
  • Ademco Microtech (Honeywell) alarm panels – 4110 / Galaxy / Galant / Accord xpc / Galaxy 8 / Galaxy 16 / Galaxy 20
  • ADT alarm panels – Galaxy / Galant plus others
  • Aritech and Itec alarm panels – Horizon / CP32 / CP33 / CP42 / CD 350 / CP72 / CP95
  • Bentley alarm panels – F130 / F133
  • Bosch alarm panels – DS / Abacus Evolution G2 & G3 / Bosch Easy Series
  • Castle-Caretech alarm panels – Omega 5 & 8 / Euro-Meridian / EuroMini
  • C&K – intellisense 700 / 700L / 703 / Securit 802 / Active 5 / Active 8
  • Daitem alarms – Espace / 3 group / 8 group
  • DA Systems also Digital Audio (now Bosch) alarm panels – Abacus / Puisar / Rebel 8 / Rebel 9
  • DSC alarm panels – Power 608 / 832 / 864 / Maxsys / Envoy (British Gas)
  • ESP alarm panels – Infinite and Infinite Prime
  • Gardtec Risco alarm panel – 350 / 350+ / 370 / 500 / 580 / 590 / 595 / 600 / 800 / 816 / Eurosec CP7 / CP8 / Wisdom / LightSYS / Agility 2 & 3 / Diamond 400
  • Guardall and Racal alarm panels – Rascal / Balmoral / Windsor (Chubb)
  • Menvier alarm panels – TS400 / TS410 / TS450 / TS700 / TS790 / TS900 / TS2500
  • Pyronix alarm panels – Sterling 10 / Conqueror / Paragon Plus and E
  • Rivermead Homes alarm panels – cp32 / cp33 / scantronic 9200 / 9210
  • Scantronic alarm panels – Homelink 75 / 500r+ / 9100 / 9200 / 9205 / 9210 / 9300 / 9448 / 9448+ / 9450 / 9452 / 9453 / 9500 / 9600 / 9651 / 9800+ / 8136 / 9751 / 9752 / 9753 / 9851 / 9852 / Equaliser / ion 8 / ion 16
  • Risco – Agility 2 & 3 / Wisdom / Lightsys / 590 / 595 / 600 / 601
  • Texecom alarm panels – Excel / Veritas 8 / Veritas 8 Compact / Veritas R8 / Veritas R8+ / Premier Elite 24, 48, 88, 168, 640, Click here for manuals
  • Visonic alarm panels – Powermax / Powermax Complete
  • ALSO – WIRELESS – ESP Infinite – Yale – Response – Visonic – Powermax (BT)